ANHINGA - diving equipment

  Welcome to our website, ANHINGA s.r.o., the Czech leader in production of high quality diving equipment for technical and recreational diving.

  We are producing buoyancy compensators (wings), harness and backplates, BC Sets and all necessary accessories and hardware. We are offering professional products from HQ and resistant materials. We are able to customise our products for our customers, we are producing our products in color variants and we can prepare them with customised embroideries too (OEM manufacturing).

  Our products have CE Certifications! We are offering safe, high quality and reliable products, for all style of diving, from recreational diving till products to extreme deep, wreck or cave diving, including buoyancy compensators for two bottles, BC's for SCR/CCR rebreathers or cave sidemounts and sets.

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Wings  BP & Harness CCR/SCR BC Sets Hardware Accessories