Catalog of ANHINGA products

Buoyancy Compensators (wings)

Anhinga wings are made from very durable material named DILAMINAT, we developed this material especially for our wings. We use HQ inflators from EU producer, the lenght of corrugated hose on our inflators is 40 or 60cm. On wings, there is one exhaust valve on the left side of wing, with automatic overpressure function on 0,25 bar. We can customize our wings in color variants, we can add one or two exhaust valves, we can put customised color text or graphic embroidery on wings aswell.

Harness & backplates

We are offering very large amount of different harness and backplates, for technical or recreational divng and travelling. In our catalogue, here are basic backplates from stainless steel or very light Aluminum, and harness with or witout bp's too. We can offer DIR-style simple harness's, we are producing a very comfortable and practical harness too, we also have perfect solutions for travelling with light and nice-colored Aluminum backplates. Our harness you can abbreviate, you can unhook them, as you like. We are also producing a backpack without a metal backplate for travelling.

BC Systems (sets)

Our sets of wings and harness will satisfy everybody! We can complete at least any harness with wings, there are tens of combinations. We can prepare light sets of rounded wing with a soft-back harness for travelling and recreational diving, we can supply a perfect set of high-volume wing with double inner bladder for technical diving too. We can customise our sets to fit every diver's request.


You can choose a large assortment of accessories for our products, they will help you during your diving experiences. We are producing weight pockets, pockets for wet and dry suits, scissors pockets, back pockets for buoys and lift bags, gaiters for drysuits, additional pockets for other assortment, shoulder pads for harness etc. A lot of these accessories we can prepare in color variants, with customised embroideries. We also offer strap tank bands with plastic or stainless steel buckles.


Hardware - a lot of stainless steel bar slides (belt stoppers), D-rings with variants (bend shapes etc.), maillons, tank adapters, cylinder bands. We can prepare job-order manufactured products too.