CATFISH wing T21 for double tank


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Wing CATFISH T21 for double tank (twin), outer bladder from top quality DILAMINAT resistant material (two combined Nylon materials), inner bladder from Textane 210/290 (Nylon coating and PU leakproof layer). Buoyancy 210N (compensation of weight 21kg / 46lb.). One reliable inflator with single curve attachment of pipe and control unit fully manufactured by using metal components, one relief exhaust valve on the left side (with automatic deflation at 0.25 bar). Two pairs of metal bushings for screws and holes for tank bands in the middle part of wing. Suitable for 2x7 - 2x12 tanks plus additional stages.

T21 T21 T21 T21 T21 T21 T21 T21 T21 Díry pro šrouby Díry pro šrouby Vnitřní duše


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Additional informations:


DILAMINAT, Textane 210/290


xxxx g

Package contains:

complete of outer and inner bladder with inflator, one exhaust valve, velcro belts, plastic cover

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